The Genesis Cycle

In the Beginning . . . .Again!

Humanity had decimated its home planet with unbridled pollution and the fallout from nuclear wars.  When the planet became uninhabitable, the remaining humans took to the skies and found new homes on distant planets.

When they settled their new planets, two groups brought their old hatreds, jealousies, and fanaticisms with them.  The third group remembered their history and, over time, developed an unpolluted utopia on their new planet, which they named Aiden.

After simmering for millenniums, the religious and cultural differences between the three groups led to inter-galactic war.   The war turned Aiden into a burned-out hulk with the only living survivors escaping on three space-ships.  This is the story of one of those space-ships and what was found when it was forced to return to their original home planet.


The starship Olympus was trapped between a fleet of fanatics and an impenetrable asteroid field.  Then the starship’s captain, Nate Rellim, made an awe-inspiring decision that changed the universe forever.  He was only trying to bring his people to safety, but his actions that day would resound through time, rippling onward and outward to directly impact the lives of all their descendants – including you and I.

The ship and its’ people escaped.  But when the battle was over, they found themselves stranded on the planet they had once abandoned.  Somehow the planet had eliminated the pollution, come back to life, and managed to recycle both itself and its inhabitants.  It almost seemed to have a life of its own!

Captain Rellim recorded their adventures in this strange land and left this story for us to find.  It tells us how his people came to be here and how they fought wars, superstition, and the plague while building a civilization.  It also tells us what they learned from a disembodied entity as old as the planet itself.

As the years passed, the starship’s people lived and worked with the planet’s new inhabitants.  But they found that their most innocent actions were often distorted to become the basis for new superstitions and religious dogma.

Captain Rellim and his people only intended to stay long enough to repair the Olympus and leave.  But they were delayed by an epic battle; a battle destined to determine the future of our planet.

Some of the people survived and made it home.  Some did not.

This is their story.  It’s also our story.


What if:            Mother Earth really is Mother Earth?

What if :           The ability to pollute determines the future of mankind?

What if:            Modern religions are based on time-distorted versions of real events?

What if:            The pyramids were our ancestors’ first attempts at building a starship?

What if:            Our cousins are far out in space waiting for us to visit them?


None of us honestly know the answers to any of these questions.  But this book takes a very interesting look at the possible answers and does it in a way that lets each of us draw our own conclusions.

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