Meet Jeff




 Sailor (1965), Leader (1972), Businessman (2001), and Author (2011).

Jeff is a Montana native who retired as the President of a nationwide corporation. He is married with four children and eight grandchildren.

As a young man, Jeff worked for farms, ranches, lumber mills and a railroad. He then served in both the Army and the Navy. While in the Navy, he commissioned five ships at Bath Iron Works and served two years aboard a frigate in the Gulf of Tonkin. When he retired, he was a Combat Systems Officer in Philadelphia Naval Shipyard.

After leaving the military Jeff worked his way up from an entry-level technical position to become the Executive Vice President of a large engineering corporation with offices worldwide. During this era, he moved two companies into the impoverished city of Camden New Jersey to provide jobs where none existed. A few years later,  he took over a troubled seven-person North Carolina company and turned it into a solvent corporation with over 250 employees. In recognition of these efforts, a National Congressional Committee awarded him their “1999 North Carolina Businessman of the Year” plaque during a Washington DC ceremony.

Jeff sold his company in 2001 and retired to his hometown where he was soon elected President of the St. Regis Community Council, a position he held for four years. He was also the President of the local Chamber of Commerce for two years. He still lives in western Montana.

His first book, “The Long Escape” was autobiographical and was his first work as an author. His second book, “Rocky Mountain Justice (The Legend of Camel’s Hump)” is a work of fiction based on an old story he heard as a child growing up in the mountains of Montana.  This book was followed by “The Deadly River” which returns to the same mountains in a work of fiction built around the conflicts that arose in the early days of the environmental movement.  Jeff’s last book in this series finds the hero from the previous book returning from Viet Nam only to find himself fighting thieves, murderers and soviet spies on the mean streets of Philadelphia.  After finishing this series, Jeff embarked on a new course.  He wrote a book that truly makes the readers think; “The Genesis Cycle”.  This book is destined to challenge many of our civilizations oldest assumptions and, while an enjoyable read, will leave you wondering, “What if – - – - ?”.  

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