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An American Warrior


Murderers, Thieves, and Spies! 


            Navy Lieutenant Lee Raines came back to the states after being badly wounded in the Viet Nam jungles.  Now he just wants to finish his service, marry his fiance, and find a quiet home in the suburbs.  Instead he finds himself caught between the Mafia and the FBI as he battles thieves, murderers and a Soviet espionage ring on the mean streets of Philadelphia.

              After reporting to his new assignment at Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, Lee discovers that over a hundred million dollars have been stolen from .  He investigates the theft and makes headway toward solving it.  But as he works on this crime, he unwittingly finds himself in the middle of one of the biggest espionage cases of the cold war!

              Lee had planned a quiet homecoming.  Instead he’s back in a war zone, dodging bullets, fighting  thugs, and battling Russian spies!  The Navy sent him into the shipyard to try to find thieves that were stealing millions from a Navy ship-modernization program.  Eventually he finds the thieves and survives a bloody showdown with them. 

            But when the thieves are eliminated, Lee discovers that the shipyard has even bigger secrets.  The thieves had only been a smoke-screen, designed to distract attention from a huge espionage operation.  Now he was being forced to fight a vicious Russian spy ring that had been stealing the Navy’s secrets for three decades!  A spy ring that was providing the Soviets with the capability to destroy the entire United States Navy!


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