Rocky Mountain Justice (The Legend of Camel’s Hump)


Four teenagers fight for justice and create a legend.

Montana’s mountains and valleys have produced many legends, but this one is more recent than most.  The events that, over time, became the legend occurred in the summer of 1949.

During World War Two, the sheriff in a remote part of Montana dodged the draft and avoided the war.  With the local men fighting overseas, the sheriff built a vicious organization that ruled through fear and intimidation.  By the time the war’s survivors came home, the sheriff was in firm control of the county and its commerce.

The sheriff’s reign of terror was finally challenged when he crossed paths with young Jerry Flynn and his friends; four teen-agers who still believed in right, wrong, truth, and justice.  When the teens innocently questioned the sheriff’s actions, the retaliation was immediate and brutal.  But the sheriff underestimated the four teenagers.  Instead of running, they began secretly investigating and recording the gang’s activities; an investigation which revealed that the sheriff was far worse than anyone suspected.  Soon the four teens found themselves fighting for their lives as they tried to rescue innocent women who had been enslaved by the depraved sheriff and his deputies.

By the time the summer was over, the battle had expanded to include a group of former Marines, the FBI, and two Indian Nations.  

Together they brought their version of justice to the sheriff and his gang, creating The Legend of Camel’s Hump. 

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