The Long Escape


The Long Escape

He beat his wife and children mercilessly, forcing them into underground bunkers deep in the heart of the Montana forest.

In the early 1950s, Jeff’s father, whom he had once idolized, gradually becomes an abusive, alcohol-fueled monster.  Before age twelve, the boy has seen his mother repeatedly beaten and has become a target himself.  In desperation, Jeff resorts to digging hidden bunkers where the family could hide when attacked.  The oldest of eight children, life for him soon became a daily struggle, both physically and financially.

The story takes the reader along as the boy leaves school and works wherever he can find a job, using his wages to help feed his family.  He labors in lumber mills, ranches and on a railroad until, at age seventeen, he joins the military.

This story follows the boy from the hell of his youth through pacific island love affairs, killer typhoons and Hong Kong bar battles as he fights his way to acceptance in the rough and tumble world of a destroyer sailor.  Slowly but surely he works his way from scrubbing heads to leading teams on experimental Guided Missile Systems.

But you can’t run from yourself.  Jeff’s family’s problems haunt him, frequently bringing him back to Montana; to increasingly violent confrontations with his father. Tensions build until the inevitable happens, and he is drawn into a final, epic, battle with the abuser.

A sobering, visceral, and shockingly real portrait of domestic violence, the boy’s relentless drive for survival is nothing short of extraordinary.  An uplifting journey to redemption and self-acceptance, The Long Escape sends an undeniable message to the abused that there can be hope and love in their future.  It also brilliantly captures the hollow feelings and scars of abuse that are carried for a lifetime.

This is a true story.  Some names have been changed to accomodate participants, but the story is absolutely true.

The author may be contacted at  The Long Escape is now available in both paperback and Kindle formats.  It may be ordered from at the following addresses:

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