Welcome to the Website of Jeff Noonan an author and native of the Montana mountains.  As an author, he draws on many years of experience; experience that includes working as a laborer in lumber mills, on ranches, and a railroad as well as experience as an executive in large engineering corporations.  He is also a veteran of both the Army and the Navy, having retired from the Navy as a Commissioned Warrant Officer.

Through this website you can review Jeff’s books and order them if you so choose.  His first book, “The Long Escape” was autobiographical and told the story of his escape from an abusive childhood and how he learned to live, love, and prosper as a young Navy man.

Jeff’s next three books make up a loose trilogy that takes the reader from a small Montana logging town in 1949 to an epic battle with thieves, murderers, and a soviet espionage ring in Philadelphia thirty years later.  The books of the trilogy are:

Rocky Mountain Justice (The Legend of Camel’s Hump).   The year is 1949.  Deep in the Montana mountains, four teenagers fight a depraved sheriff in a war that sees death visit both sides.  But the sheriff’s gang is too strong for the teens alone, so they turn to two combat-hardened former marines who recruit an Indian Nation to fight alongside them.  Some die and some disappear, but the battle is won and a legend is born.

The Deadly RiverIt’s ten years later, in the same Montana mountains.  Two of the original young heroes from The Legend of Camel’s Hump return.  Once again, they’re thrust into battle against cold-blooded killers.  Lee Raines, an orphan from Pennsylvania, stumbles into the middle of this new battle and becomes the key to their eventual victory.

Home Goes the Warrior.  Almost twenty years have passed.  Lee Raines, now a Navy Lieutenant, has come home after being badly wounded in the Viet Nam jungles. After that experience, he just wants to finish his service, marry his fiance, and find a quiet home in the suburbs.  Instead he finds himself caught between the Mafia and the FBI as he battles thieves, murderers, and a Soviet espionage ring on the mean streets of Philadelphia.

All of these books may be purchased at www.amazon.com.  Jeff may be contacted at jeffnoonan.writer@gmail.com.

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